Tips for New Horse Owners

Tips for New Horse Owners You Should Know
Deciding to purchase a horse is a big decision, as they require a lot of attention and effort to keep healthy. However, if properly cared for a horse can become a great pet and companion.

1. Food

2. Water

3. Shelter

4. Company & Personal Space
Horses love their personal space. Allowing your horse to have at least 15 feet of space on all sides while grazing will keep them happy. But remember that horses are also social creatures. You should give your horse “friends” to keep them company, but be careful not to put rivaling horses near each other.

5. Grooming
Another important factor in taking care of a horse is grooming. You should always have a Hoof Pick, a currycomb, and a stiff brush nearby. However, grooming techniques can vary from horse to horse so it’s a good idea to research how to properly groom your specific horse.

6. Dental Care
Horses require routine dental care, especially as they get older. Fall is the best time to check a horse’s teeth before winter-feeding of coarse hays.

7. Mucking-out
Another important part of keeping your horse healthy is “mucking-out” their stall daily. Mucking-out is a term for removing waste, dirt, and soiled bedding a horse’s stall. You should always maintain a clean, comfortable, sanitary bed for your horse or horses.

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